Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Chris moves back home in three days.  THREE DAYS!!  And while he won't be moving into our home for another 38 days, I am doing my best to get things prepared to have him move in.  The living room has been painted, almost all of our gifts have been put away and I have cleaned out one of the three closets in our small house. 

Yesterday I decided to get some much needed curb appeal going.  My yard is a mess.  Between the pond in the front yard as a result of replacing the main drain to the crazy vine plant my neighbors have that takes over my back fence, it is nuts.  Thankfully, Chris is ready to work on the yard and has "visions" for what he would like to do.  Go for it bud.  But, I did get my window boxes, pots, and herbs planted yesterday. 
I agree, these items need a fresh coat of paint.  Added to the to do list.


  1. Looks great, Ash! It all looks really good. I'll help you spray paint those things when I'm there if you want. :) I'm sure there will be plenty of other stuff to do, though.

  2. Let's BOTH paint our vintage lawn chairs. Party in my backyard, snakes not optional.