Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I have a dream... a dream that my house will be put back together by May 13.  A dream that my blender and spoons and forks will all live in harmony.  That one day my stainless steel and white will not compete, but walk hand in hand while making a beautiful chocolate cake.

Stretching it?  Maybe, but if you saw my house you would know that there is no balance or harmony.  My office is full of gifts and my kitchen table is loaded down with styrofoam.  All of which reminds me of how loved we are.  Last night I set out to get my kitchen somewhat cleaned out.  I was overwhelmed within an hour and gave up.  I figure if I can put five things away every night, it will eventually get done.  My hopes are to gradually show you completed projects so that you can say, "oh there's the cupcake stands I gave them" or "oh wow, that coffee maker looks delightful scrunched in by the microwave" (limited counter space people, but we needs our coffee).

Here are a couple of pretty things in our kitchen that I am just smitten about
Our lovely blender!!!  Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Arnold.  We decided on "majestic gold" because anything with gold in the title must be incorporated into the Boschen household.  I love it.

This was a graduation gift from my parents, a beautiful hutch.  They found this amazing find at an estate auction and painted it white to fit into our kitchen.  Due to limited cabinet space, this is a wonderful spot for all of our dishes.  I love the glass doors!


  1. Yay for mixers and hutches and graduating.

  2. I love that hutch! I also like the idea of putting away a few items a day... I should try this.