Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Guest Information

Several of our guests are locals, however we do have a few special folk coming in from out of town who may not know the area all that well.  Most of our special folk will be Chris' optometry friends who will have Katie to guide them through the ins and outs of the booming Springvegas.  Others will be in our wedding party and Chris and I will get to show you around. 

However... if you happen to be here, wondering where in the world to grab a bite to eat, I wanted to share with you a few of our favorites.  Thank you to those of you who commented, many of your suggestions mimicked what we indulge in from time to time.  Here are some local favorites that Chris and I enjoy if you would like to partake.



I will not even entertain another suggestion.  Gailey's is located downtown on Walnut and is our favorite place to eat breakfast.  It has an old time retro feel and the best darn pancakes in town.  If you go on Saturday, be prepared for a wait, but it is WELL worth it.


Tea Bar and Bites

This little hole in the wall is located on Pickwick in Springfield.  I haven't been there in quite a while and it is more of a place I will go with my girlfriends than Chris.  Very dainty, but lovely.  Love their sandwiches and such.

Galloway Station

This little bar and grill could be a great place for lunch or dinner.  I love their outdoor seating area and their fries are the best in town.  It is located on Lone Pine, right across the street from a fun park. 

Arris' Pizza

The grand daddy of them all... Arris' Pizza.  This is another possible dinner outing or a great take out for the hotel.  Arris' original location is in Jefferson City where my mother grew up.  I have had Arris' for as long as I can remember and you can only imagine the excitement my family had when they decided to open a location in Springfield.  



We love sushi... love.  Our favorite place to hit up is Mijuii located on South Campbell.  There are several nicer sushi locations (Kai, Nakato's, Umi) but we are simple folk. 

Little Tokyo

This is the definition of hole in the wall.  Little Tokyo is a Japanese Steak house that we frequently visit.  It is located towards the north end of town right on Glenstone, which is convenient to where most of our guests are staying.  Hole. In. The. Wall... but SO good.

Hong Kong Inn

This might be a better location for lunch, but they are open so late I had to include it for dinner.  Can you tell that we enjoy our Chinese/Japanese cuisine?  Hong Kong Inn is also located towards the north end of town on Glenstone and serves up some yummy (and cheap) sweet and sour as well as cashew chicken.  Now if you want the ORIGINAL cashew chicken, check out Leong's on the south end of town.  He invented the stuff and it is the best. 


Maria's is located down town and has great fried tacos.  When you are done you can cross the street to the Bistro and get some dessert or down to the Mudhouse for some coffee. 

For your sweet tooth:


Just had to include this in...  Andy's is a local favorite.  There are several locations around town and it is a perfect stopping place before heading in for the night.  Now my favorite flavor will not be out during wedding time (Key Lime Pie) but with so many things on the menu, I think you'll be just fine.

Now, Springfield has TONS of other options, these are just a few local places we frequent often that we thought we would share.  Of course the BEST food will be at our wedding, so wear your fat pants.  Can't wait to see everyone!


  1. Arrrrrissss. Love that place.

    I should have thrown out Digia Cinto for a lunch or dinner option. Italian. Found on Campbell not too far from Bass Pro.

  2. Arris, Andy's, and cashew chicken. Could it get any better?

  3. Andy's Key Lime Concrete is my favorite too!!