Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wonderful Honeymoon

The good doctor and myself returned this past Sunday from our delightful honeymoon.  We traveled down to Mexico for a week in paradise.  Our resort was all inclusive which meant we ate ourselves silly.  Chocolate cake room service at 10 pm, why not?  A full plate of sushi followed by spring rolls THEN our main course, bring it on!  We decided to not partake in any excursions on this vacation and just enjoy the beach.  Chris surprised me with a "swim up room" which basically meant when you walked out your back door, you were welcomed by a lazy river.  So, mornings were spent on the beach, after lunch we would head back to our porch and enjoy the pool.  We had a wonderful time and are already dreaming of where our next vacation might be (skiing this winter perhaps?). 

Here are a few pictures from my phone, I can't find my camera at this moment, I will put those pictures on facebook. 

At the Italian restaurant with my handsome hubs.

The infamous towel creations.

This was the pool outside of our room.

Chris demonstrating the distance from our back porch to the pool.

Leaning against our back porch.

We read A LOT on our trip (he read Lord of the Rings, I read three books).  Love us some Kindles.

View from our back door.

Last but not least, the beautiful beach.  We hung out in one of these nifty beach beds a couple of days, under some grass huts on others.  It was bliss.


  1. Wow! Really trying not to be jealous. So glad you had a great time!! Glad you're back safe and sound.

  2. Not holding back--JEALOUS! Not much keeping me from buying a plane ticket to the beach!!!