Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Just a Little FYI

Our reception is going to be just dandy... food, washers, dancing, conversation, a little photo booth action.  However there is one small item at our reception that might drive parents nuts.

A pool.  While this salt body of water is pleasing to the eye, we thought it best to let parents know they might be keeping an eye on it throughout the night.  No kiddos in the pool =)  With 240 people there, I believe there will be plenty of watching eyes, however you have been warned. 

Also, a note to our silly friends... no pushing anyone INTO the pool. 


  1. You didn't say we couldn't jump in! Or throw someone in...(just sayin)

  2. You didn't mention nudging or tripping either.

  3. I vote for the bride and groom to jump into the pool with their bridal party at the end of the evening. :)