Sunday, June 5, 2011

Oh Goodness

Oh my!!!  Yesterday marked two weeks until wedding holy cow how are we going to get it all done, I might go insane day!  It is a surreal feeling.  Chris has been over to the house a lot lately in attempts to put the final touches before guests arrive, family wants to come see, and he moves in.  Yesterday he set up a book shelf in the living room (we have way too many books), I spray painted frames for the wedding, we sanded my beloved tulip chairs in preparation for a fresh coat of paint, and Chris organized. 

Yup, that Christopher is a neat freak and I love it.  He wants everything to have a place and will move, shuffle, and tear everything apart until it does.  He has been a dorm/apartment living guy for eight years, now is his time to shine with a whole house full of sharedness.  It is quite interesting to watch.  I will admit, I was a little control freak esc at first, but he is doing very well.  All of my books are arranged by topic and height, the games are systematically placed, now all the kid needs is a label gun and some plastic bins and he is set to go. 

In other news...

Last night we were sitting at the dinner table with Chris' parents, discussing restaurants that are local and are a must to recommend to our guests.  Here's the sad thing...  we could only think of like three.  So, I turn to you, my non commenting blog readers, if you are a local lass or lady, what do you crave?  Now remember, we want local classics.  GO 


  1. LEONGS!
    The guy invented cashew chicken. My new favorite. =)

  2. Quick, easy and greasy - Steak-n-Shake.
    Galloway Station has great food and a unique environment.
    Spring Creek and Tea Bar & Bites are sooo yummy too!
    Grad School is a new favorite of mine.
    Maria's!! Enough said. Actually, La Fiesta Grill (in front of Home Depot on S. Glenstone) is where we get our Mexican these days.
    If they want fancier, we love Avanzare.
    Arris' for pizza.
    The original Little Tokyo is deceptively good, but greasy.
    You know I like Mijuri for their sushi and atmosphere.
    Taylor's is known as a Springfield classic (I just went recently for the first time, nothing fancy, just good ol diner burgers).
    Scramblers and Gailey's are good for breakfast options.

    Or just take a copy of 417's restaurant guides in the back of their mags. They are great for some inspiration.

  3. Nearly Famous Deli for lunch and I second Casey's recommendation for pizza! And just a warning--as I discovered when some family moved here from Omaha: if you weren't raised on Springfield Cashew Chicken, it takes some getting used to :)
    Good luck prepping over the next two weeks!

  4. Ocean Zen, Lucy's (shameless plug... she was my great aunt), and Flame

    ok, now I'm hungry!