Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Weather, Toilets, Carpooling and Gates

It's sooooo close!!  We picked up Chris' friend Andrew from the airport last night, Amy picked up Wirth and will be arriving later today, Jordan is headed into town this afternoon, Britt and Jenny get in tomorrow, sister is already here, holy cow!  Never thought I would make it, but here we be!!

Wanted to inform our guests of a couple of items before things get so hectic up in here and I forget to type it up.

If you haven't noticed, Saturday is going to be HOT.  The temps are saying 94!!!  (however 0% chance of precipitation which I am ALL over)  Our ceremony begins at 5:30 and will be in a sunny portion of the yard.  So, wear something comfortable, fans will be provided, and you might stick some cold packs down your shirt, just sayin.  The reception will be in the tent and we do have access to the house, so if you feel like an egg on a sidewalk, you can step in for a breather.

Now, about the toilets.  Our wedding is being held at a house, but really, would you want 240 people using your bathroom??  I think not.  So, there will be porta potties available.  However, if you are anything like me, you might pull the whole mom routine before going on a road trip and make sure you go before heading out.  Again, just sayin.

In an effort to go more green, I am asking that our guests carpool if at all possible.  Not really, but with the music festivities occurring up the road and my next point, you might find it easier to be a passenger rather than a driver.  (by the way, the directions which were included with your invitation will take you around the music festival so you shouldn't have a problem with traffic)

Last but not least, the gates.  Tuscan Hill has gates at the end of the drive.  I know, fancy right?  These gates will be closing at 5:35.  This is not a ticket to be late people, but just letting you know.  If you happen to arrive late and the gates are closed, you can chillax in your car for a while until the ceremony is over.  Since our ceremony is in the front yard, we thought it might be a little distracting if someone where to pull up the drive while I am walking down the isle or Skyler and Chad are singing.

Ok, I think that's it...  Wear something breathable, use the bathroom before you come, load up your cars, and get there on time.  This will probably be my last prewedding post unless I happen to continue waking up at 4 in the morning and something washes over me that I just have to share.  Thank you for all the well wishes, the prayers for perfect weather, guests coming in from out of town as well as those in town.  We are so excited to see everyone and celebrate!!  Hooray for wedding day!!!!

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