Friday, January 11, 2013

Christmas Time

Henry's first Christmas was BUSY!  But, we are blessed to have both Chris and my parents live just 15 minutes away and we didn't have to travel all that much.

Since we knew the week would be a little chaotic, we decided on a whim to open our gifts on the 23rd.  We went kind of light this year due to the fact we don't have a whole lot of room to store bigger items and we are saving up for a down payment on a house.  But, Chris surprised me with some great items I have mentioned here and there that I have wanted and Henry got some new clothes.  It was a fun little evening.  We don't have a lot of traditions yet as a family, those will develop with time I am sure.  

My sister and her family arrived early in the morning on Christmas Eve.  They haven't been with us on Christmas morning for two or three years, so I was pretty excited (my mom and dad were overly excited).  So, Christmas Eve day we hung out with them and left in the evening to head to our church's Christmas Eve service.  Henry did great during the service.  He did decide to relieve himself during the sermon however and I had to leave to change a dirty diaper.  He laughed and thought it was hilarious.  After the services were over, we headed to the Boschen's for our traditional Christmas Eve dinner of cinnamon rolls, fruit, and breakfast casserole.  We had some dear friends join us this year, so it was fun to celebrate a little with the Warners as well.

Christmas morning we woke up and headed down to my parents so we could watch my niece and nephew enjoy opening gifts.  They are silly kiddos.  Kharis was expressive with each gift and quickly wanted to move on to the next while Benny opened one and just wanted to play.  I got a Christmas afternoon nap (I know, I'm so boring) which was probably one of the most amazing things ever.  I do not nap well, so I felt awesome.  We headed to Chris' parents in the late afternoon for more gifts and an appetizer dinner (my favorite!).  We were home by 8 and exhausted. 

The rest of the week was full of family coming in to celebrate more.  Jack was in on the 26th, my grandparents on both sides, aunt, uncle, and cousin were in on the 27th and the 28th was spent with my sister getting our hair done and then a dinner date for sushi with the husbands.  We headed to Centralia on the 29th to celebrate with the Henry side of the family and got home on the 30th.  Chris had to work on New Years Eve so Henry and I took it easy and then we headed to Zanna and Matt's house that evening with the Francos for dinner and games.  Henry was a party pooper though and didn't go down to bed easily, so we had to head home at 10:30.  Stinker!  If only it was acceptable to let a baby monitor reach two blocks (totally kidding people). 

Busy, busy, busy.  But, full of so many blessings!!!  I will admit, I have difficulties being flexible at time, but I am learning :)  It was a great first Christmas with a baby.  A reminder of the amazing family we have, a reminder of how fortunate we are, and above all a time to reflect on why we celebrate Christmas. 

Little guy looks a little overwhelmed!

Kharis is a ham.  Can't get a normal smile out of that kid.

Four generations of Boschens.


  1. Saw this last picture of your little one and your MIL.....realized I recognized her. Sara is a fellow SLP for Springfield although she is Early Childhood and I am school-age. I don't see her often but a few times a year at speech path meetings. You will have to tell her that you played ball with me :) Your little guy is just perfect.

  2. Next year you're adding New Year's Eve at the Hoodenpyle's to your schedule! ;)