Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Five Months

Little late to post this, but what else is new? My friend Wirth taught me about the blogger app so I am all about blogging on my iPad now. She keeps me informed on technology, thanks friend.

This past month has been so fun! Henry's little personality is shining through. He loves to "nuzzle" and will lean in and give hugs. He also loves Eskimo kisses and will occasionally sneak a slobbery kiss. Chris thinks it is gross, I love me some lippers though. He squeals with delight when you start to take his clothes off and will lift his legs so politely to help with a diaper change.

He has started to roll again, but does so periodically. He prefers to be standing on your legs or sitting in his bumbo. I have a feeling everything will click at once and I will miss the days of being able to lay him in one spot and play. Books are still a wonderful source of entertainment and he will talk through them while you read. We have a routine of reading from our children's Bible every day and I love watching his expressions during these times.

Everyone comments on his rolls and how fun he is to hug. He loves touching faces and pinching... sometimes too hard. Everything goes into his mouth, he has a strong bite and those two teeth are sharp!

He still sleeps from 8-8 with three naps during the day. His 3-6 month clothes will retire soon. We are in size three diapers now and hope to be for a while. I'm not positive on his weight, but I'm thinking he is over the 17 pound mark now and pushing 18.  Chunky!

He is delightful! I tell Chris that I miss him so much every night and just want to crawl into his crib. I mean come on now, look at this face?! Can you blame me?!

This is one of his favorite faces to make.


  1. Happy 5 months Henry!! Love that we get to raise our babies together!! Can't wait for Nash and Henry to meet. That WILL happen in 2013. And glad I can help you out in the tech area... that's what friends are for! xoxo

  2. He looks like you in the first pic. :) He cracks me up!