Friday, January 11, 2013

Four Months

I am terrible at this blogging stuff.  Nap times are filled with catching up on work or cleaning the house (or sitting, something I still feel guilty about, but I'm working on that).
Again, I have had this post written, but haven't gotten pictures loaded to the computer until today.  I'm telling you, this computer is for work only.  So, this was written on December 16.  I will do my best to get his 5 month post up next week when he is actually 5 months old, ha.

Henry turned the big four months this past Sunday.  What in the world!?  I was texting a friend yesterday and realized it was last Christmas Eve when I told her I was pregnant.  Seems like forever ago and just yesterday all at the same time.

I am loving this stage right now.  Loving.  It!  I feel like we have things down, Henry is so interactive, and he is picking up on things every day it seems.  Here are some highlights from the past month:

  • Laughing!  Like really laughing.  It is wonderful.
  • Refusal to roll over.  He had it down and now will not do it.  Oh well.
  • Talking in all tones.  He will squeal and then get this really serious look and have a low voice.  
  • Grabbing things.  Everything goes straight into his mouth.  
  • Finding his feet and hands.  I love when he spots them and just looks at them for a while like, "Hey guys!  Nice to see you again!"
  • Being a little love ball.  He is a great cuddle bug.  Hard to put the kid down!
His four month appointment went really well.  He is a growing little man!

25.38 inches
16.19 pounds
16.38 inches around his head

The doctor said he is starting to teeth and has a couple of swollen spots on his bottom gum line.  That should be fun!  He slobbers a lot and is snotty lately, so all signs point to teething.  He hasn't been fussy about it though, hopefully it will be easy.  I got a little sad at picturing his little smile with teeth.  He is growing up so fast.

We got the green light to start foods, but are going to hold off until as close to six months as possible.  He isn't overly interested when we eat, so I don't think he is quite ready yet.  I am pretty excited for this stage though.  I hope to make all of his baby food.  I have been looking up recipes and convincing myself it wouldn't be that bad (and hopefully save a little money).  I've had some great tips from a few friends, but am open to any other go to sites or tips you might have!

We dropped the dream feed finally.  So, I feed Henry at 8:00 now and he is down for the count until 8:00 the next morning.  Some nights he fights to go down, but overall he does great.  Sometimes I think 8 is way too early of a bed time seeing as how in most situations that forces us to be home by 8 to put him down.  But, I've done enough reading to see how important sleep is and enjoy the time with Chris once Henry is in bed.  So, the pay off for us is worth it.  It will be nice when he is a little older and we can maybe hold off his bed time while we are out at a friend's, but for the first year, this is how it is going to be and I am a-ok with that.

He is a great baby!  Love him more and more each day and love seeing others love on him!  He is not hurting in the attention department.  We are blessed to have family close, an amazing baby sitter, and wonderful friends who shower him with love whenever they can get their hands on him.  So excited to celebrate our first Christmas together.  Last Christmas I had a ball of nerves in my stomach, praying everything would go well.  Now we have a four month old with us who is absolutely perfect.  God is good.

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