Tuesday, January 22, 2013

First Food!

Lately Henry has been very interested in our food. He will reach for your drink, follow your fork with his eyes and grab at your plate when given the opportunity. I love watching him take everything in and learn all of these new things!

Our original intent was to wait until 6 months to start on food. Allergies, a growing digestive system, and just one more thing to add to the plate were reasons to wait. Our pediatrician said we were ok to start after our 4 month appointment, but I wasn't quite ready. However, with the recent interest, we thought he might be ready.

So, I picked up a box of oatmeal at the grocery store and last night we tried it out. He gave the funniest faces and spit a majority of it out. It was pretty comical and didn't last long :) I'm sure we will try again over the next few days, but we are in no rush. My hope is that by six months he is ready to actually start on a food. I'm thinking avocado. Until then, I think he is surviving on his milk diet (he has rolls on rolls).

Sorry for the poor pictures. Chris had the big camera and I had a spoon and a wiggly baby.

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