Friday, January 11, 2013

Three Months

I wrote this post on time, however am just getting around to posting it.  Oh the laziness of not putting pictures on the computer.  So, apologies for the outdated post, but that's how things go around here.  Back track with me to November 16 for this post.

Between being on the floor entertaining a babe, work, keeping a house clean, and good old Instagram I am having a difficult time keeping up with blog land.  I feel a New Year's Resolution coming on (then again, it was a resolution last year and look where it got us...).

Henry turned three months old this past Friday.  Can hardly believe it.  The days roll by and turn into weeks and now we are looking back thinking where have the months gone!?  I am enjoying this journey of motherhood moreso these days.  Not gonna lie, the first few weeks were pretty rough.  Exhaustion and the internet can make a woman go mad!!!  Every little thing I would google and be convinced Henry had something wrong with him.  The nightly iPad time is used for much more fun things now, like pinning things on Pinterest and dreaming of the day I might be able to accomplish a crafty project again (ha).

I stopped the weekly pictures.  I'm sad about this, but it was one more thing that I would forget and so now we are back to just the monthly picture.  That's alright though.  I am keeping up with a daily calender on my phone of pictures.  Hopefully I can figure out what to do with it once the year is completed.

Back to Henry...

This month has been HUGE!!!  When I wrote his two month post we were blessed with our first full night's rest.  Since then, Henry has been amazing.  I feed him at 8, put him down to bed at about 8:30ish, do a dream feed at 10:30, and then we go into wake him up at 8 the next morning.  Bless that child!!  He is down to three naps a day and we will probably stick with this schedule until he starts stretching to a four hour schedule.  We have learned this month that he is much more flexible than we give him credit for, so we have been much more active and get out more.  Which is a good thing, because the holidays are upon us which mean lots of gatherings (aka babysitting time for the grandparents).

Other milestones for this month, rolling over.  He still hasn't mastered the concept, but when he does it once, he will do it all day.  Just some days he has a brain lapse and refuses.  He smiles a lot, too.  Blesses my little heart when we walk in the room and he just brightens up.  The stinker is camera shy though.  You pull out a camera and he gets all serious.  If you've been around him long enough though, you know he is a ham.  He chuckles here and there as well.  I can't wait until that belly laugh comes.  He still enjoys to sing and Christmas music is a hit (when dad is at work, he is a stickler for the no Christmas until after Thanksgiving policy). 

Each day is more fun than the day before.  We love watching his little personality come out.  It is amazing to sit back and think of how he is learning EVERYTHING.  I get a good laugh when he finds his hand and looks at it like it is an alien.  Love this little kiddo. 

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