Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Big Day, Big Decision

After lots of prayer and asking advice from our family and friends, Chris and I made the decision to put my house up on the market.  When I arrive home from work tonight, a for sale sign will be in my front yard and I just might break down a little. 

We are still not sure of what is in store for us once we are married.  I have completed my counseling degree, Chris will be wrapping up his schooling in May, and I have a wonderful job with wonderful people and kiddos.  However, we felt it best to at least try and sell the house.  So, I called the wonderful Tammie Tucker and low and behold here we are.  I am scared off my rocker and so sad at the same time.  So many memories in my cute little blue house in the short time I have had it...  But I am excited for the memories the future hubs and I will be making together wherever we might be.  So, say a little prayer that the right buyer might stumble upon my cute little picket fenced house and want to talk numbers. 


  1. I totally understand the sadness you're feeling. It makes me sad for you! But there are so many fun things in store for you in this new chapter of life!!!

  2. Bittersweet, but exciting! Sending good thoughts your way!