Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Coffee Maker Battle

Chris and I are the yellowed teeth, give me some coffee, can't start my day without a cup kind.  Not really.  He likes a cup on cold mornings and thinks of it as a dessert item and could drink a cup right before going to bed.  I on the other hand, try my best not to drink it daily and only like it when it is overwhelmed by all that is bad for you or when I know I am going to need a kick in the rear to get me through the day. 

But, we do like us some coffee and want a coffee maker.  However, we go back and forth on what kind.  Currently on the registry we have this:
Whoever invented this fine machine, I would like to kiss on the mouth (maybe not, after all they invented a coffee machine, stinky inky).  However, my mother and grandmother both have these little get ups and we both love them.  I love how I can select a flavor and it is ready in no time.  Chris sees it as a toy and has as many cups as possible, kidding Chris.  This is a lovely item seeing as how we don't really drink in excess and clean up appears to be a breeze.

However, the boxes of coffee can get a little pricey.  Also, if you have a big group over you have to provide several choices rather than, "Would you like some coffee?" and then wait for the cups to be completed one at a time.  Plus, I have read reviews and some love it and some feel they don't last.

Then there is this little ditty we contemplated:
A legit coffee maker.  Let's face it, Bunns are great.  They brew in like three minutes, they last forever, Panera has them...  need I say more?  We do not want a coffee maker that grinds and brews (I have heard that clean up is a pain and they are huge), and while the whole self timer concept is nice, when it brews in three minutes you have no room to complain.

However, as stated previously, I like my coffee tainted with sugar, cream, and any syrup I can get my hands on.  Plus, we wouldn't drink an entire pot.  We bounced around the idea of registering for both, but who wants to store two coffee makers?  So, now is your time to rise and speak out coffee drinkers!  Which do you prefer, old school or the new guy? 


  1. You buy the one you love, then get a french press for guests.
    It is way smaller for storage. It doesn't brew in 3 minutes, but from what I hear from coffee lovers, its worth the wait. (I am not a coffee drinker).

    Not to add another choice....:)

  2. We have a Cuisinart that we really like. It's your basic old school coffeemaker, but we like it. Even if it IS out on the counter all the time. ;)

  3. I can address ALL your issues, because they were also my concerns. I have the Kuerig and when I have guests, I begin asking about dessert time what kind of coffee they want (flavor, leaded, decaff, plain, etc.). By the time the dessert is served, each guest is also served a cup of coffee--the way they want it. Most of my friends now come in and just help themselves. They love the novelty and have fun picking out what they want to drink (sweet iced tea, hot cocoa, peach tea, flavored coffee, etc.). As far as expense, I bought an individual mesh filter that goes with the machine and can use my own coffee anytime I want--Starbucks, Dunkin' Donut, etc. I keep a cheap Mr. Coffee in the garage in case I need to make a bunch at once--haven't used it once in almost a year. Also, people always have a gift/hostess idea when they visit you--box of coffee! I really thought I'd have "coffee problems" from time to time, but that just hasn't been the case. Happy coffee shopping!

  4. I wish I had a Keurig! I think for 2 people they are perfect!

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  6. If I had the space on my counter I would definitely get a Keurig. I love mom and grandma's. So convenient. And I didn't know about the individual filter you can get for it. So if you run out of refills you can just throw that in with some Starbucks grounds and wait for a good deal to roll around on the pods. (Or a holiday or something.) :) If you ever decide against the Keurig you can always go out and get a single pot and know you'll have a sister who will be happy to take your reject.

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