Sunday, January 16, 2011

Registry Round 2

I scream, you scream we all scream for Target...  That didn't work.  What's red and round and has awesomeness written all over it?  You got it!!  Our second stop on the registry tour was Target.  Who doesn't love a stroll down Target's lanes?  I could go there to fight boredom, buy an outfit for Friday night, or get some toilet cleaner.  Target, you rock.

I appreciate all the advice we have received as far as registry items.  It is quite the daunting task, if I do say so myself.  SO much fun, but so many what ifs, which I am not a fan of.  For example, several have suggested some form of storage item.  I agree, every place needs storage.  However, when arriving at the storage isle and asking the fiance to point out anything he feels we would need, he replies with the fact that he has lived out of storage containers for the past six months and I have several in my home already.  I contemplated this, thinking of anything else we would need, got overwhelmed, and moved on, ha!  I will tackle this task another day and be oh so thankful you can update online.

It was fun though, seriously.  We went down every isle and at this time have four end tables for our living room.  Decision making is not my thing, don't worry I will be removing some soon.  It makes me sad we really don't have any other registry outings.  Our finally registry stop we did completely online.  But, enough of that, here are some favorites from the day:
My shoes have been in roller bins under my bed for five years.  I am kind of ready to have them set out in a closet all nice and neat, space willing of course.
Firepit?  Yes please!
When you are marrying a Boschen, one must have an abundance amount of games.
Card table, always a nice thing to have.
Accent pillows are what pulls a room together.

We need us some luggage.  My friend Wirth has this set and I love it.  We registered for pieces we felt we needed rather than an entire set.  It is gray, has four wheels, and it's just pretty.

 Now, I promise there are little, boring items on there, too (although much needed).  Drying rack, cleaning supplies, shelf liners for the kitchen, kitchen towels, an egg slicer...  But, those pictures are not as captivating, not to mention not found online. 

So, I leave you with one question that has been bothering me.  To canister or not to canister?   We have registered for a few kitchen appliances which will have to be out in the kitchen (coffee maker, KitchenAid...) and I don't want a cluttered kitchen.  I see the convenience of having your flour, sugar, and other items at easy access and there are some cute canisters out there.  However, is it necessary?  Should I put these things in the cabinet so there is one less thing to take up space?  What are your thoughts? 


  1. It is nice to have flour and sugar right there on your counter for easy access but not necessary. Just get a set of cannisters that you wouldn't mind to display and that can also fit well in a cabinet. Acrylic, steel, or glass...all are nice to display on the counter if you have the space but not so cute that you don't mind hiding them away if you have to.

  2. You know how I feel about stuff on counters in the kitchen! But my clear glass, vintage looking canisters make me happy.....and are in arm's reach......happily displayed on the counter. It will really depend on your space. Get something you LIKE enough to display, but be ready to put them away if space doesn't allow.

  3. I love being able to have flour, sugar and those types of containers on the counter. Very easy that way!

  4. Love, LOVE the firepit! Wish I'd thought of that one! And I have my flour, sugar, etc in canisters. The coffee is in a canister that's stored in the cabinet directly above my coffeemaker. The rest are in my pantry. They just cluttered up my counter space too much. Glad you are having fun!!

  5. NNNNOOOOO to canisters!!!!
    I do not like cluttered countertop, and canisters are a no go!! I store all of that stuff in Rubbermaid bins in a cabinet. I mean, do you bake every single day and need flour handy? Maybe you do! But I only use flour/sugar/etc once in awhile!
    Thats my opinion :)