Monday, January 31, 2011

Registry Round 3

For our third registry, I knew we needed a place to get dishes.  My Grandma Arnold has kindly set aside her China from China (she got it when my Grandpa was in the service, how neat is that?!), so registering for China was not necessary. 

About a year ago I snagged a great deal at Macy's on Martha Stewart's line of white dishes.  I love these dishes.  They are a great quality, durable, and simple enough that you can jazz them up or be low key.  So, we plan on keeping these and registering for a couple extra sets (one bowl is MIA and a dinner plate has been broken already) for accidents.  What is great about Martha's line, we are on a first name basis, is she has colored pieces to mix and match.  So, we loved the gray pieces which just came out and added those on, not to mention the beautiful scalloped edged dinner plates.  This way we can get colorful table cloths, place mats, and napkins. 

I had considered other places for dishes.  My sister and a good friend registered for Pottery Barn dishes and both have replaced them since due to chipping.  I haven't ever really seen a set at Target that I love and since I am not registering for China, figured it is ok to splurge a little more.  There are a few other stores I really like, but since we do not have them in Springfield and a majority of our guest are in the area, I didn't want to put all my eggs in that basket and not get all the dishes we need.  Not to mention the fact I am my mother's daughter where if I don't like something, I save up and replace it as quickly as possible (the woman has had about four dish sets at least in my life time and is working on her fifth and that's just day to day dishes). 

The white dishes look just like this.  The gray looks more gray in real life.  We only registered for the salad plates and the bowls.

I am in love with these dishes!  We got the large dinner plates, so fun.

At this time the only thing we have on our registry at Macy are dishes and some cake stands.  I might eventually add a few items here and there, but a majority of their kitchen appliances can be found a little cheaper at Bed Bath and Beyond (not to mention guests can use 20% off coupons there) and we registered for our comforters there as well.  So, there is a sneak peek at our dishes, pretty basic, but lovely nonetheless.  And we are taking reservations now for anyone who would like to dine with us on these lovely plates =)

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  1. I'm glad to see that you've elected to not go with Target dishes. Ours are from there. At first we LOVED them, but they started chipping almost immediately...which makes them basically non-microwaveable. Love the plan to go with something classic and versatile!!