Monday, February 28, 2011

Favorite Past Time

I have several things I enjoy doing during my free time.  Reading a good book, talking on the phone to some buddies, hit up a thrift store, go for a walk with the dog, you know the general.  But, one of my all time favs is to shop.  I love shopping.  I have held back significantly over the past six months or so from my normal trips to the mall however, ya know trying to be good on the old bank account.  However, I feel justified to shop my little heart out right now.  I have six showers coming up!  And who doesn't want to look cute and dolled up when a shower is being thrown for you?  I feel very blessed by all the upcoming events and cannot wait to spend time with friends and family. 

So, I have been daydreaming slightly of spring like dresses and curled hair.  I am excited.  Here are a few cute dresses which have caught my eye:


J Crew

Don't get me wrong folks.  Anthropologie and J Crew will be indulgences, but I am loving their look right now.  I have already requested that we shop a tad this weekend while I am in KC and Chris has given into my request.  Way to go Chris.