Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Just a thought...

Hey everyone, it's Chris!  I guess this is my first official appearance on the blog as a poster.  You would think with as much as I like talking I would love this cause I don't have to give anyone else their turn, but alas my general lack of typing skills often thwarts any far fetched ideas I may have. 

It is likely far more enjoyable for you to read the creative and fun blogs that my wonderful fiance posts, and coincidentally she is the exact reason I decided the bravely step into the world of blogging (don't anyone hold your breath for the next one though).  It amazes me everyday that I get the privilege of marrying her in less than 5 months.  She is loving, fun, intelligent, self-sacrificing, and one heck of a wedding planner.  She has poured herself into the wedding, and I know because of her hard work it will be an amazing day that we get to share with family and friends.  She has also shown me that anything can be accomplished if you dedicate yourself.  I mean come on, working 40 hours a week or more with wild and crazy 4th graders, then coming home just to leave again and go to masters classes, finally to come home and study some more all while finding time to talk to me on the phone every night.  She might say she is surprised she ever made it through (finished in December, boo yeah!!) but I never have doubted her for a second.  She has always shown me her unconditional trust and love, and I know how blessed I am to have her in my life.

So I hope my first impression here was a good one, I do ask that you don't grammatically dissect my post and leave mean comments below.  I'm rather sensitive and dealing with eyeballs all day doesn't lend itself to much practice in writing.   


  1. You're the sweetest, Chris! Can't wait for you to be part of our fam.

  2. Chris you are precious! She is definitely one great lady!