Friday, February 18, 2011

How do you Pronounce That?

I'll admit, I have been a beginning of the alaphabet snob my whole life.  My initials are AA...  All you end of the alphabet people, let's not fool ourselves.  It is pretty sweet being first in line in elementary school, listed first for sport rosters (or do they do that by number? whatev), being first in the year book...  It was swell.  As a teacher, I assign my students numbers according to their abc order and smile every year when I find out who numbero uno is.  Because that was me in most cases.

So, you can imagine my giddiness when I stopped to think that Chris' last name begins with a B!  Now, it ain't no A people, but come on, not to shabby.  AND when you put our names together, you get C-A-B.  That, was the selling point (until I realized that isn't really how monograms are placed and my dream of having Thank You cards with a sweet little vintage cab with "Just Married" on the window came crashing to a pivotal end). 

However, Chris' last name is very unique.  Here it goes...  Boschen.  From the moment he was linked to my facebook profile by the words, "in a relationship" I have had several friends ask the question, "Now, how do you pronounce his last name?"   So, today I am bringing to you a lesson in how to pronounce what will be my new last name.  (key Sesame Street music in the background)

Here is the easiest way to explain it.  Think lotion then you can prounounce Boschen.  Or you might even go with ocean with a B attached to the beginning.  There you go, you're getting it!!!

While I am SO happy my blog readers are able to say my new last name.  I am pretty sure we will be sticking with Ashley or Chris when we go to restaurants.  Or perhaps, Tangler, cause you don't Tangle with the Tangler!!!!  


  1. Hahahaha!!!!! Tangler... I love this so much.

  2. Hahahaha......own it, yo. Own it. Own that new last name.

    Never tangle with the tangler.


    Just don't.

  3. Have to say my favorite "A" memory was being first in the lunch line. I can still smell those wonderful chicken nuggets! Of course, when the teacher decided to switch it up I was always last. But that very rarely ever happened. I'm definitely excited your kiddos won't be demoted too far into the line. Kharis and Ben got stuck with "P." So all you teachers out there... show some love for the "P's" out there and throw them to the front every now and then. Especially on chicken nugget day. :)

  4. I have been saying it wrong in my head all along. Thank you for this.