Wednesday, July 27, 2011

At Odds

Chris and I like to dream a lot.  He refers to his "man lair" several times throughout any given week.  Currently, our house does not encompass enough space for such a desire, however it is on the list for our future home.  My dreams are a little more practical.  Oh say, a dishwasher and garbage disposal to begin with.  If you have either of these amenities in your kitchen, thank your lucky stars.

Lately we have been dreaming of things which are a little more practical and within our reach, although very different.  

For Chris, 

The boy wants an Xbox.  His previous system underwent the "red ring of death" and he has been without for over a year.  He isn't a serious gamer, however he does enjoy his occasional video game.  We still have some Target gift cards I am setting aside for him, we shall see.

For me,

I want a new camera so stinking bad.  I have been looking for over a year now, but can't seem to push myself to save up for one.  Currently most of my pictures are being taken on my phone which just isn't cutting it.  My goal is to have one before we have kids, surely that is realistic!?

So, even though we dream a lot and have a wish list a mile long, we are doing quite well.  Our home is looking pretty cute, our cars are stickin with us, and I had a Starbucks this morning.  I'm pretty content with life right now, pretty darn content.


  1. It'd be super awesome if you'd get good at taking pics! I'm thinking Christmas gift? Birthday gift? One year anniversary? I'd give you mine but it's not digital so what's the point?! Call Uncle Jeff for some good recommendations.

  2. Love that you want a camera but we need to are not allowed to buy a Nikon. :) Canon with the 50 1.8 lens.

  3. I've just now had time to catch up on your blog. I loved all the wedding posts!
    We have a Nikon D3100 and love it. It takes pretty good video on top of pictures. Granted I have not had time to master the picture aspect, but even in auto setting it does well!
    I say go for it!( we researched for MONTHS and the D3100 is the best deal)