Sunday, July 17, 2011

Harry Potter

Yup, that's right, I am devoting a blog post to the great Harry Potter.  My sweet sister in law (before she was my sister in law) asked me to go to the midnight showing of the sixth movie two summers ago I believe and I obliged.  So, after a week long marathon of watching all of the movies, I sat in line for probably six hours to watch with a group of friends.

I will admit, I kinda fell asleep during the movie.  At that point I hadn't read any of the books, and if you are a fan you will agree with me, the movies have nothing on the books.  Plus, there are SO many details that are lost which can make a girl lost.  Fast forward a year and talk of the last series of movies is starting to stir.  Erin pleads with me to read the books so I can go with them when the second to last movie comes out, in a matter of three weeks I was done. Side note, since I had fallen asleep during the last movie, I had missed a crucial moment.  Needless to say, Erin received an all caps text message saying, "I HATE SNAPE!!!" That emotion went away though.

So, yes, I went to the midnight showing this past year.  No I did not call in sick to work the next day and yes it was worth it.  This past Thursday evening I ventured out yet again for the very last Harry Potter =(  Thankfully, Erin was sweet enough to save my seat while I visited with friends who just got in from Amsterdam.  

I so wish I had taken pictures.  Imagine with me hundreds of teenagers, dressed as Harry Potter characters.  There were several wands, lightening bolts painted on foreheads, t-shirts, robes, the famous glasses...  Always entertaining.  

So, here's to you Harry Potter.  You are lovely in my opinion.  


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  1. You totally should have cashed in on all the Harry Potter hype by selling "Butterbeer" treats to all the die-hard fans.