Friday, July 29, 2011

The Dress

I like of think of myself as a pretty decisive individual.  Now, if you ask me a question I genuinely do not have an opinion on, I will respond with an, "I don't care."  This probably annoys the tar out of people.  But, if there is something I really want, you don't have to ask twice.  

For example, I looked for quite a while for houses, but when I found mine an offer was made quickly.  I knew I wanted to marry Chris before I met him.  And the story is no different with my dress. 

My sister was down for a week and we scheduled an appointment at a local boutique, Norman's.  We had always gone to Norman's for our prom dresses, Katie had purchased her wedding dress from there, and so I went in with the mindset that today I would find my dress.  

I will say what I had in mind was not what I got.  I wanted something very 27 Dresses, Tess like.  Spaghetti straps, full skirt, simple.

Since I was having an outdoor wedding, they automatically took me to the destination wedding portion of the store which lent itself to more casual, airy dresses.  Everything the girl pulled out I was indifferent about.  A dress in a plastic bag is limp and doesn't shine much.  My sister took over and started pulling dresses for me.  I think she was sensing the, "good grief, they aren't going to have ANYTHING for me" vibe I was puttin out.

After pulling about five dresses, we started trying them on.  There was one dress that made me look like a mummy, that was a no go.  The next dress was the exact dress I had in mine.  Empire waist, no details, v-neck, spaghetti straps, no train...  It had been what I had envisioned, but I wasn't feeling it.  I liked it, but didn't feel beautimous.  So, slightly discouraged, we pressed on. 

The third dress I tried on was beautiful.  Champagne colored, empire waist, lace everywhere, a small train, comfortable, I was in love.  It was nothing I had in mind, but more than I could have ever dreamed of having.  My sister and mom were instantly in love.  I did try on one more mermaid style dressed, which was pretty, but too formal for what we had in mind.

So, texts were sent to friends asking for their choice between the two.  But, before we could even hear back, I made my decision and never looked back.

My mom made my hair piece out of the wrap that came with my dress and I wore yellow shows.  I have told Chris that even if I have to leave it unzipped, I will put my dress on at each anniversary and take a picture.  I love it so much and hope that some day we have a little girl (or little niece) who can play dress up in it and I won't mind at all if she wants to cut it up and use some of it on her big day.  


  1. Your dress is gorgeous. I'm normally not a lace-person, but is so beautiful on the style/design of your dress.

  2. FUN ENTRY! I love seeing all the pics!!!!!!

  3. The absolute perfect dress for you!!