Thursday, July 21, 2011

Little Behind

Last week was our first week really home since we've been married.  Yes, one month of marriage and only one full week at home.  Chris has had to travel a lot for work, surprisingly.  

So, with full intentions of being a good wife who hasn't started working yet (praying on that one)...  I set off with domestic dreams of sweetly set tables for every night of the week.

Ha, reality sets in quickly.  Here is what our week looked like.


On Monday nights some friends and I get together for the guilty pleasure of watching the Bachelorette.  We also bring treats.  For me, I kind of slumped on this task due to wedding planning and sheer laziness.  Chocolate covered strawberries here, chips and salsa (not homemade) there...  But, for this week I wanted to feed into another guilty pleasure, Pinterest.  I figured, I spend so much time pinning delicious foods, why not try one.  

Since I knew Chris would be left to fend for himself for dinner, while planning out what to make for the Bach, I also made him some of Pullan's famous salsa.  Sorry girls, Chris got the better end of the deal on this cooking experiment.  I made ice cream bread for the girls, not so good.

Haven't mastered the "clean cooking" technique.



Cooking night.  We had steak, corn on the cob, and salad.  We watched the All Star game and ate on our fanciful tv trays.


BLTs, mac and cheese, and salad.  Cooking bacon has got to be one of the worst things.  The smell lingered for days.   


We ate out with a group of friends to celebrate the Worley's  home coming from Amsterdam.  Didn't plan on this, but well worth it.


Another surprise outing.  I went to Kai to celebrate Chrissy's upcoming nuptials and Chris went to the Brew Co. with his parents and brother.


Pancakes, made by the husband.


McDonald's on the way to Arkansas (another work related outing, but I got to go this time).  I will note that this was my first time to McDonald's in FIVE WEEKS!!!!  Sorry folks, but I love that place.  However, I will say that after a five week subbatical, not craving it like I used to.  This could be a blessing.

So, as you can see, my dreams of eating at home didn't fan out as much as I would have liked on this particular week.  We are trying our hand at a "budget" and food is one area we are struggling with.  Things just seem to pop up and you just don't want to say no.  

This week we have been gone Monday-Wednesday and Chris leaves again on Friday.  Perhaps we shall try again next week...  (however, I wouldn't trade any of it for the world)


  1. How fun! I won't allow bacon to be cooked in my house because of the smell... I've heard you can bake it (healthier and maybe less of a smell). My mom cooks hers on her electrical griddle outside. I like that idea!

  2. 1. Where are those trays from? I'm green with envy.

    2. I was at Kai Friday night too! Sat did we NOT run into each other?

    3. I got a nugget Happy Meal today in your honor.

  3. It IS hard to say no. And budgets are difficult. Think we're gonna give the envelope system a go once we're free of our house!!