Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wedding Pics are In!!!

I received our wedding CD from our lovely photographer yesterday which can only mean one thing...  time for some wedding pics!!!  My plan is to do a few blog entries about the details of the wedding before exposing the pictures all over facebook.  So, today I begin with one of my favorite parts of the wedding,


I apologize ahead of time for the excessive number of cake pictures, but I love em.

Rather than going with just one cake, I decided to have several.  Why not?  I saw an idea a long time ago on a friend's tumblr (Skyler) and went with it.   Our original intent was to use the toppers from our family members' weddings, however no one seemed to have kept them.  Therefore, we ordered all of our vintage cake toppers off of etsy.  It was always fun to get a package and decide which toppers to use and which to discard.  My sister and I had to convince my mother at one point that the skin tone on a particular topper wouldn't really work for Chris and I...  

The groom's cake of course had an MU theme.  We stuck with plain old white and chocolate cakes, no fillers.  While I love cakes with fillers, I am perfectly happy with butter cream goodness.  We had fruit as well, so that was sufficient for me. 

A few weeks before the wedding, some one had asked if we were going to do the whole cake in the face technique.  I was, of course, all for it.  Chris had warned me that if I went after him, I would get it in return.  So, my technique was to strike quickly and catch him off guard.  I think it worked. 

Our cake topper is all wrapped up and tucked away in my parent's deep freeze for June 18th of next year.  I am already excited to eat it!!


  1. The multiple cakes was such a cute idea! I loved all the decorations from your wedding or that I've seen so far can't wait for more pictures!

  2. Loved the cake toppers! Are they going in the booth?

  3. Love that last picture!!! So cute!

  4. I absolutely loved that you had multiple cakes and the toppers were perfect :)

  5. Yes, the cake top is all tucked away in our freezer--but, no guarantee it will look good when we take it out! We have to move it every time we try to get something out!!!