Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Little Help from my Friends

I'm an antsy person.  My brother in law set up this blog for Chris and I when were engaged over a year ago and it is lovely.  However, just like I would paint my walls every six months if my budget, patience, and now husband would allow, I am ready for a change.  PLUS, my wedding pictures should be in my hand soon (thank you Sarah Carter) and I need to show a nice big one off at the top of this blogmyster.  

So, I've enlisted a sweet friend to help me so that my brother in law, who lives 11 hours away, doesn't stay up all night reinventing a blog that I should be able to figure out myself.   If you recall from my last post, computers and I don't mingle well.  Mine crashed, Chris' freaks me out, so I need back up.  Danavee, if this doesn't motivate you to come on over and help a sister friend out, then I don't know what the world has come to.

Nevermind the fact that this video is 9 minutes long and he is CLEARLY on something.  It's Woodstock, what can you say?


  1. HA! I'm there. We'll make an evening of it. Can't wait to see wedding pics!

  2. He loves that sorta thing, though. Crazy boy! If you need any help just holla. So excited to see all of Ms. Carter's creative capturings. (Yup! That one was free.)