Thursday, April 12, 2012

#21 Weeks and a Dirty Mirror

The mirror I take my pictures in drives me nuts.  It is an old mirror and has some spots that I have scrubbed and scrubbed on that will not come out.  I think I need to get some paint thinner or something.  Will work on that this week.


This picture was actually taken today, so 21 weeks one day.  This week is crahazy.  One of my dearest friends is leaving on Monday for Amsterdam. (well technically they leave May 22, but have family in Texas, Ohio, and Florida so they have to make their rounds)  All that to say there is a going away party on Saturday night and sending service Sunday for them.  Also, all my favorite college folk are coming into town in a steady stream to celebrate Brittanie's upcoming nuptials.  Jenny, Amy, Holly, and Hudson will be staying with Chris and me and I cannot wait for them to get here!  Dinner together Friday night, two showers on Saturday, busy, busy.  Another friend is having a baby shower on Sunday I won't be able to attend due to helping host a wedding shower of a sweet girl on Sunday.  She was one of my high school girls while I was a counselor in the class and a close friend of my sister in law.  I guess it is safe to say she is a friend :)  As you can see, BUSY!!!  A good busy, but busy.

So, here is baby bump on the down hill slide of 21 weeks.

I received several comments last week on how low I was carrying.  I don't know if it was the shirt or not, because I don't feel like I am all that low.  Feels like he is right up front.  Maybe I'm crazy.  

This past week we finished painting his dresser and put up curtains.  The little room is at a stand still for now, which is fine by me.  We still need to work on his closet and wall art, but that will come.

He moves with the best of them, probably going to be a dancing fool like his dad, haha.  This week I have mostly noticed his movement at night.  I think most of this is due to being so busy during the day and not slowing down to pay attention.  Chris is still patiently waiting to feel the little guy, hopefully soon.

I learned that Cheese Its are the cause of my heart burn.  This is a sad discovery.  My body has more energy overall, but if I overdue it, I pay.

So excited as the days tick away to meeting our Henry.  Life has been a tad stressful as of late with job decisions (for Chris), house cleaning, and just finding time to slow down, but a growing belly is a constant reminder that good things come and I really don't have control of a thing.  

PS Henry is wayyyy excited to be hanging out with his bff this weekend, Wirth's little bean.  The two are due two days apart and are going to be great fun raising together.


  1. I seriously love that you and Wirth are having baby boys at the same time :) :) SO SWEET!!!
    And I'm sure I've already said this.. but in LOVE with little Henry's name. I mean just darling :)
    And you my dear are looking fabulous as always! All belly. Kind of jealous. i always blew up like a balloon;)
    Love you and have a great weekend of celebrations!

  2. Have fun with your ladies!!! Tell em howdy for me!

  3. Have you watched your stomach and seen it move yet? So far the freakiest thing pregnancy has brought to me. Still can't time the movement to where daddy can feel her but he did see the stomach move and was totally freaked out :)
    Be prepared for the "wow you're getting big" comments I get them ALL the time now but doctor assures me I'm right on track.

  4. Aw! You look adorable! Can't wait to see you and all you guys have done. Mother's Day get here fast!