Monday, April 23, 2012

A Ridiculous Search

I've mentioned before my tendency to fixate on things.  It is bad, I admit. I get something stuck in my head and I cannot stop until it is completed.  

So, when "baby room" was on the radar, I had a new fixation to attach to.  I will admit to being very scattered in my planning and having no vision whatsoever.  That is a downfall.  But, fixated nonetheless on one thing at a time.  

I sent Chris a lengthy email justifying why we should go ahead and purchase the bedding rather than waiting for a shower or looking anymore.  He laughed and texted me with "ok go for it".  He humors me.

My new fixation are these cute little shelves made from IKEA spice racks.  I am sure you've all seen them, they are all over pinterest.  Our room is tiny and while we do have a shelf around the perimeter, it is up high and getting to books easily would be annoying.  So, I was trying to think of a space saving way to store his "precious books" that could be switched out regularly.  My sister pointed me to the spice racks and I was sold.


My sister fixates on things, too.  Little tidbit on Katie.  However, she is more proactive and problem solver like while I am more, welp screw it and find another idea.  My sister got on IKEA's website and looked to see if any local stores had them in stock or the one close to my friend in Utah.  Apparently some stores will mail the item to you if it isn't an online item.

Nope, nada.  

Next step, California.  Because who wouldn't call Burbank, CA for a $3.99 spice rack?  

Up a creek again though because the Burbank folk don't do mailers.  Seriously Burbank??  Seriously.  

I had all but given up at this point.  Kid's gonna have to live without shelves down low and listen to mom groan when she climbs up the ladder to get a book.  

Until I found this handy dandy tutorial...

I immediately sent the link to Chris with a play by play of how he could totally pull this off and actually make something for Henry's room.  How neat would that be?  His reply, "Yeah, I think I could give that a shot."  See, he humors me. 

So, stay tuned to see how well this turns out.  I'll keep ya posted.  


  1. I would be jealous if you have those cute little shelves. :) We have the standard tall five shelf bookshelf in the boys' room, and I have some of my old ugly baskets from teaching to keep books accessible. It works, but it isn't very pretty.

  2. We did this in Hays' room! If Frank can do it, I know Chris can.
    The 2 highest ones are out of his reach so I can store the paper paged books up high until he is a bit more responsible.
    I LOVE them.

    1. I actually checked this out because I remember you making these. The tutorial I found is a little different, same concept though. I hope it turns out well. Just excited to have a solution!!

  3. We did this for the kids' room in our old house! You will LOVE them!!!!!