Thursday, April 5, 2012

Family Time

This past weekend I jumped in the car with my mom, dad and grandparents to head to Kentucky (yes, an 8 hour car ride with five people, we made it).  My aunt and uncle have lived in Oklahoma my entire life and ventured to Kentucky this past year due to my uncle being called to a new church.  The nice thing about their move is that now they are about 4 hours away from my sister, so she and the kiddos were able to join us.

We played with the kids, did a little shopping, and just enjoyed being together.  This post is a little picture heavy, but these two are easy to take lots of pictures of.  

Kharis was able to do a few fun activities during Ben's nap time.  First up, sugar cookies.  She is a sweet toothed kiddo, loved eating the dough.

Both Ben and Kharis loved being outside.

Another fun activity, Easter eggs!!! 

To top it all off, an Easter egg hung.

Can't wait to see these two again in May!

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  1. She is starting to look like such a big girl! Too cute. Glad you had fun.