Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Week #20, HALF WAY THERE!!!

20 weeks down, 20 weeks to go, 140 days until due date!  I couldn't be more excited (well maybe if we were like at 30 weeks, but that's alright).  This gal's got a defined belly now for sure.  It is still funny to see people kind of take a second look at you with the, "Should I ask if she's pregnant?" glance.  It is even more weird to me that I still get a geez-I'm-so-fat-and-sweat-like-a-pig mentality when they ask rather than basking in the pregnancy bliss (ha).  I am not one of those people who enjoys this process, ask me again in a few weeks.

Here's a glimpse at my outfit for the day.  Choices are slim picking I feel like.  I need to rearrange my closet.  Shuffle the sweaters to the back and my springy like things to the front so I perhaps have more of a variety.  I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but I've got a two foot view point of wardrobe in the morning.  Our closets are doors, not sliding, just doors, with about two feet on on either side to try to lean into and decipher what lost treasures perhaps are hidden further in the back.  Fun times.

Besides being overly emotional when trying to purchase clothing for myself, I continue to feel pretty darn good.  Heartburn has crept into my esophagus (really I don't know where it is technically, but I'm going with esophagus cause I sound smart that way) which is no fun. However, cottage cheese and ice cream are known cures which I don't complain about.

We've been BUSY over the past week or so with baby stuff.  Room is painted, crib is up, most of the bedding is in (some is on backorder, crossing fingers and toes that it will come and not be discontinued during the wait), and dresser is being sanded for possible paint this weekend.  I hate having the house in shambles, so trucking along to get things back in place.  Got some special people coming in next weekend and they need to sleep somewhere.  

I will post pictures in a week or two as things progress in the room.  One thing I am learning is how tiny Henry's room is going to be.  Not a bad thing, just going to have to be creative.

Henry moves around a lot and Chris is anxious for the day he can feel the little guy, too.  It is pretty cute to see him go back into his room just to sneak a glance at the crib or tell Henry bye in the morning.  Blesses my heart.  Thankful for a husband who gets me through the "how in the world are we going to do this" moments.

140 days people, 140 days (Lord willing).


  1. Cute outfit! Smoothie Tums are the best. The chocolate and vanilla kind if you can find them. And if you do pick me some up too. :) Excited to see the room progress in May.

  2. I love the orange colored sweater with the black and white stripes. Too cute!!!