Wednesday, March 7, 2012

16 Weeks and What I Fit Into

So, a week has passed since my last post... Yup, sorry 'bout that.  I promise this blog will not turn into simply a weekly update.  Chris and I had our first weekend with nothingness for a while and therefore computer was not top priority.  We had a sushi take out date Friday night (no raw stuff), picked out a paint color for the baby room Saturday, grilled out Saturday evening, and Chris golfed on Sunday (along with a plumbing issue, but I'm over that).

I apologize in advance for the wrinkles on my shirt.  If you own this Old Navy shirt, please attest for me that it wrinkles quickly.  If it doesn't for you, well whatev.  I know these outfits are by no means flashy, I put on what fits at this point. 

The little avocado and I had our 16 week appointment today.  All is well, heart rate is at 152 (was 172 to start with, 140 last time, and now up a little).  We have our ultrasound set and Baby Bosch will hopefully reveal all at that time.  Still feeling really good!  I tend to have more energy at the beginning of the week and then flatten out towards the end.  Tried to pace myself better this week and so far, so good.  No weird cravings this past week.  Still could eat french fries for every meal and drink limeades all day long, but haven't had either in quite a while.  We are doing great!  Can't wait to see the little one on the big screen soon.


  1. When is the gender date set?? Are you going to have a gender reveal party?

    1. I don't think we are going to have a reveal party. Got to be a tad overwhelming thinking about it haha. So, we are keeping the reveal date hush hush until we decide what we want to do :)

  2. I have that shirt. It is a wrinkly beast for sure.

  3. That room has good lighting. Random observation. But aside from that... again, you look fabulous!