Tuesday, March 20, 2012

If Money Were No Object

So I am attempting something new today... linking up a blog post.  Gasp!  I am by far the worst at technology, so we shall see if I am successful with this new adventure.  My friend Andrea led me to a great blog which is full of weekly link ups under the title "Moments that Define Life."  

This week's prompt was to write about five things you would do if money were no object.  I got this.  

I am a dreamer, so I think of these things often.

  • See Distant Friends Often-  I have many great friends who live close by.  However, I also have those who are near and dear to my heart who live 3 hours plus away, including my sister.  I would love to be able to book a plane ticket on a Thursday, fly out on a Friday, and return home on Sunday evening.  Texting, phone calls, and Skyping are great, but sitting down for coffee and staying up late to chat are deeply missed.
Friends who live too far away.

My wonderful sister.

  • Buy Two New Houses-  Yup, two.  Remember folks, money isn't an object.  We live in a 50+ year old house currently that has plenty of character, as well as hair pulling aspects.  I am so excited for the day we are able to build our dream home or find the perfect match.  We also love to be on the lake.  My grandparents had a lake house for years and there is something about a summer night with the windows open hearing the water.  So, it would be dreamy to have a lake house. We'd have all the fun toys and plenty of room for friends to come along.

  • Season Sports Tickets- This one is mostly to make my husband happy, but I enjoy a good game as well.  I would love to be able to take Chris to all the Mizzou football and basketball games as well as the Cardinals.  We always have a grand time and I would probably purchase a few extra in order to bribe people into being our friends and wanting to hang out with us (ha).

  • Travel-  You know those cool people who have the RVs with the US map on the outside, completely color coded with all of the places they have visited?  Perhaps that's just me who has seen this amazing sight.  I would love to have a world map in our house with pins covering it representing all of the enjoyable places we have been.  A safari in Africa, pizza in Italy, seeing the tulips in Amsterdam, skiing in Utah, whatever it might be.  
found on google image

  • Dishwasher- Ok so this is trivial and would probably fall under the new house listing, but still.  If money (and space) weren't an issue, we would have the most amazing dishwasher the world has every seen!!  This puppy would clean with the best of them and be as quiet as a mouse.  I'm going on 3 years with no dishwasher folks, a girl can dream.

I know some of these are silly and I could think of a million more things I would do if I were to become wealthy overnight.  But, after paying off student loans, starting some amazing organization to help those in need, supporting missionaries, and all of those noble things, these would be next up on the list.

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  1. hi! im your newest follower! i found you through listable life. season tickets are a genius idea! great list! :)

  2. Yes to a lake house. Mine will be next door.

  3. Great list. And completely unrelated... I love your hair that length. And the color! Do it!

  4. I love your hair that length too! Always did!! Are you thinking of cutting it again?

  5. So I love your around the world traveling includes skiing in Utah... I have a feeling out of all of your destinations that will be the first on the list!! Oh and hey... I bet I can find you a place to stay!!! :)