Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Week 17 and What I Fit Into

I know this is the most unconventional way to hold a camera, sorry bout that.
We are creeping towards the half way mark, slow but sure.  This babe is for sure forcing me to grow more and more each week.  I have ventured into the Belly Band stage and with the amazing weather I am happily wearing dresses and leggings.  

I continue to feel pretty good.  Daylight savings has messed my routine up a little, aka staying up way too late.   I am loving the weather and go outside as many times as possible during the day.  Scents are starting to get to me more.  Nothing has made me sick yet, but our trash can is currently sitting outside waiting for Chris to clean it when he arrives home.  Besides being uncomfortable from time to time (which I know will get worse) and taking trips to the restroom multiple times during the day (I know this won't stop anytime soon), this pregnancy has been pretty easy!

We are anxiously counting down the days until we get to find out the gender of this little one (we haven't really told anyone when we are finding out, yeah, yeah, we're weird)!  I do not have a strong feeling one way or another, just praying all is well and healthy. 



  1. Aw! Cute dress... cute belly... cute new blog design!!

  2. Starting to show and looking great! Enjoy this middle pregnancy's the best (next to the little kicks!).

  3. i've seen the cutting into the cake and finding out the gender, but never this! that was so creative and i bet a lot of fun!!! congratulations!
    i'm your newest follower :)