Monday, March 26, 2012

On the Menu

As stated in a previous post, I meal plan and hit up the grocery store every week.  I try my best to use what we have first and roll over any meals that we didn't get to the week prior.  I also look at the ingredients for what I want and try to go with meals that might call for the same thing.  Two of my meals this week needed cream cheese for example.  If I have to use produce (green onions, celery, cilantro, etc.) I really try to plan a meal early the next week with those items because I hate just throwing those things out.  

When Pinterest launched, I had all these visions to make a new meal each week that I found.  

Ha to the haha. 

Our menus are still varied and honestly there are few things that have been repeated since we've been married (I will say I haven't made mashed potatoes the entire time we've been married, I am not the best elaborate cook).  But, Chris does most of the cooking because of my job, and while the boy has learned a lot, I don't want to leave him with some detailed recipe (Chris does an excellent job by the way).  

This past week, however, my work load has been a little lighter due to our area's Spring Break so I have been able to be home in the evening, hip hip hooray!  I took full advantage of this and opted to try a recipe I have been wanting to try and a recipe from a friend.  Hopefully in the weeks to come I will share some recipes from our family cookbooks, this week just wasn't one of those weeks.

Monday night we had Baked Creamy Chicken Toquitos from Pinterest.  My friend Andrea has made them and said they were tasty and made a multitude, so that was enough for me.  She was right, the recipe makes more than what it says it does.  I think we got 15 out of it, probably could have done a few more.  They were delicious!  We paired them with some Mexican rice and chips and salsa.  I have other friends who have made them and said they freeze well, so I might consider doing a double batch next time.  We stuck with the corn tortillas, fewer calories and I love 'em.  No crazy ingredients involved, a lot of the things I already had on hand, always a plus.

Tuesday night was pancake night.  Easy, cheap, fast, and delicious.  We usually have breakfast for dinner once a week.  It is my favorite kind of meal and now that I control the menu, I'm all over it! 

Wednesday evening we hit up my parents for some free grub and our gender reveal par-tay! 

Thursday we had Alfredo.  OH MY GOSH!  If you are ever in the mood for some Olive Garden, but not wanting to fork out the bucks, TRY THIS!  My sweet friend Christa shared this recipe on her blog and good golly it is delicious.  I am a pasta fanatic and this did not disappoint.  This is a splurge meal, not light on calories, but totally worth it (I have another recipe that is, will share that in the future, but not as good).  The only thing I had to purchase for this meal was the whipping cream and cream cheese (which was used on the toquitos as well), everything else I had.  We had some left over chicken breast from Monday that we seasoned up and added on top, whipped up some bread, added a salad and we were set.  There is still quite a bit of sauce left.  I am sure we will eat leftovers, but I wonder if it might freeze...

I meant to take a picture of our plates, but it was too good to stop.  Realllllyyyy good.
Friday night we hit up Mexican Villa with Chris' parents.  The joy of living in the same town as our parents is getting invitations to meals often. 

Saturday was leftovers and popcorn at the movies. 

Sunday another leftovers day and pineapple for dinner.

I know we eat fairly light and since there are just two of us, leftovers are a must throughout the week or else we would throw out way too much food.  This next week we only planned for two meals because I will be leaving town and Chris said he can manage (aka go to his parents or get a frozen pizza).  

Hope some of you try the toquitos or alfredo soon.  You won't regret it, promise.  


  1. My sister makes the Alfredo for retreats and things and freezes it and it is still just as good. But I have never tried it, but need too.

  2. Will definitely try the Alfredo. The kids will love it!