Friday, March 23, 2012

It's Friday, It's Friday!

I so hope my blog title placed that song in your head for the day.  This week has been a whirlwind of a week I tell ya.  Lots of good things (Martha Stewart insert there).

1.  Most of my clients were on spring break this week.  Therefore, I was able to work days and have my evenings at home.  Bliss I tell ya, bliss.  Because I made it home by 5:30 at the latest each night, I was able to do a lot of this:

Recipe and weekly menu to come.
 2.  I am laughing because Andrea put a tree in her post which was my intention as well.  Great minds think alike!  We have a beautiful tree in the backyard and with all this nice weather lately, it is out in full force. 

3.  The anticipation is almost over!  Tomorrow night I am headed with Chris, his sister, his mom, his dad, and a few friends to see The Hunger Games.  Dum dum dummmmmm.  Erin introduced me to the books a couple of years ago and we were so excited to hear it would be made into a film.  Now usually we are midnight theater goers to events such as these (Harry Potter and Twilight, yup I am one of those people).  But, I will admit I was happy when Erin said we should wait until Saturday.  I think our hopes are that the screaming teenagers will be lower in number on a Saturday showing (not that that doesn't provide a little entertainment as well).

google image

4.  We purchased our first two big baby items this week.  A crib and a mattress.  It wasn't our intention to get these yet, but both were on sale and you just can't pass up a sale on baby stuff.  We still need to paint the room and rearrange a few other things before set up occurs.  Our goal is Mother's Day (well that's my goal).  This is still early, but I figure we better get used to cramming ourselves in this house so I don't have a panic attack when it actually happens.

google image

 5.  It's raining men!!!  Well, more like boys, but still.  Three little guys made their presence known this week in our lives.  Of course we found out Henry will be joining our family in August.  Chris is excited to have a little buddy and I am a little freaked out on what I will be doing with a boy!  But, many have told me there is nothing like having love from a little boy, so I'm holding onto that.  Also, two of my dear friends had little guys this week.  Nancy's little baby D made his way a couple of weeks early on the 21st and Shannon's little Noah came on the 22nd.  Lots of little buddies for Henry.


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  1. 1. love spring when everything is in bloom!

    2. love the style of that crib

    happy friday :)
    Erin @ life as a Losey