Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pre-Baby Bucket List

I threw out the suggestion of a pre-baby bucket list to Chris last week.  We've never been the couple that has made plans of what we would like to do before starting a family, but figure now might be a time to start thinking.   We are very fortunate to live in the same town as both of our parents and pray this will continue to be the case, so we have plenty of free baby-sitting time in our future.  But, it will be different.  Today I had to take Jasper to the vet (who happens to be my father in-law) to get his teeth cleaned and teared up the whole way home.  If this is indicative of what I will be like leaving our babe, good gravy. Right now I will just say it is pregnancy hormones.  I can totally get away with that.

So, the pre-baby bucket list has been started, I am sure we will add to it as the months continue.  I am pretty excited.  On our list thus far:

  • weekend getaway (some place we can drive to, suggestions?)
  • day at the spa
  • walk at the Nature Center
  • a good grooming for Jasper (needed to include him in there)
  • Cardinal's baseball game
  •  visit friends in KC a few more times
  • landscape the yard
  • read Lord of the Rings (this is for me really)
Oh and by the way, Jasper is fine :)



  1. I agree with Danavee. Weekend together in Eureka!

  2. Yeah, I was gonna say Eureka Springs too. Add weekly date nights to your bucket list.

  3. I am with Katie--weekly date nights are needed. And try to keep up MONTHLY date nights after the babe arrives (even if you have separation anxiety!)