Monday, March 12, 2012

A Pickle of a Discovery

I have weird things about me (and no friends, this isn't an invitation to bring these things to my attention).  I have a fetish with finishing things; pens, bottles of soap, toothpaste, chap-stick, etc.  It brings my heart joy to complete something and open a new bottle.  I place bets with myself to see how long the last little bit in the bottle will last.  I said it, I'm weird.

I also hate homemade sandwiches.  My friend Andrea and I were having this discussion last night.  I can go to a restaurant or someone can make me a sandwich and I think it is the best thing to hit my mouth.  However, when I set out two pieces of bread and slap some meat on there, I want to cry because I know it will be terrible.  

Another not so strange thing, I love pickles at restaurants.  I like pickles at home, but I LOVE them when I go out to eat.  Those sweet little tea rooms with their fancy sandwiches and pickle spears make my heart dance.  Just two weekends ago, my friends and I were at a local tea room and Andrea and I mushed about the pickles.  We expressed wanting to get a to go bag filled with pickles or receive a pickle instead of a homemade mint at the end of our meal.  Since our lunch date, I have longed for that pickle.  

Today I hit up the grocery store.  Another weird fact, I time myself at the store.  You know before going in I try to race the clock.  Today I made it to the grocery store, shopped, and back home in 35 minutes.  Be impressed folks, be impressed.  We are having hamburgers tonight and what goes better with a grilled hamburger than a crunchy, tart, pickle spear?  I picked up the generic choice with the bird on the jar (whatever brand that is).  I wasn't satisfied though.  I wanted that tea room pickle.

I wandered over to the cheese section and there it was...  I just knew from the coloring and the fact that they had to be in the refrigerated section my search for the perfect pickle had come to an end.  So, after Bible study this morning I had the most delectable meal.

My Monday is magnificent.  I have found the perfect pickle.


  1. No joke: when I was pregnant with Elise, I went to McAlester's, ordered a dozen pickles (with a straight face), and took them to a BBQ. People kept commenting that it was a good idea for a BBQ. However, they weren't for sharing. They were for the pregnant lady alone. They watched (probably with a mixture of horror and awe) while I ate all of them. Going to have to try these! :)

    1. This made me laugh. I can eat two at a time, but force myself to stop so I don't ruin a good thing. These are delicious, in the refrigerated section.

  2. That is weird. Although, I believe Lindsay's comment might be a little more strange. Whenever your pregnant all socially unacceptable eating behavior goes out the window!

  3. Yes to finishing things! Yes to the sandwich thing! Yes to restaurant pickles! And yes to record time shopping trips! (Not so much anymore but I'll get one in every now and then.) Weirdness? It's called Awesomeness. Get it right! Claussen's are the BEST! Wish I had known you didn't know about them. You've been missing out!

  4. I ONLY buy Claussen's! They are the BEST! Hands down!