Thursday, March 22, 2012

Gender Reveal!

No "What I Fit Into" post yesterday.  Nope.  Yesterday was Big.  HUGE!

We had known for a few weeks that March 21st would potentially be the day we would find out the gender of our babe (if the little one decided to participate).  The new fad now is to have a gender reveal party, so of course my brain went into party planning mode.  After sitting down and running through all the people we would like to invite I quickly became overwhelmed and we voted on having a more intimate setting with just our parents, Chris' grandparents, a couple Chris has known for years (and we've become close with) and of course, good old Facetime.

The appointment itself was surreal.  We got to see the heart beating (all four chambers), the little brain, a hand wave at us, a strong looking spin, and of course a bird's eye view between the babe's legs.
Picture of a picture, not the best.

I had rolled around how to reveal the gender and came up with idea of using a little saying from a nursery rhyme.  So, after the ultrasound we headed over to get some balloons.  In each balloon was a letter to a phrase that was to be unscrambled.

It was off to my mom and dad's after that, balloons and Jasper in hand.  Mom had decorated the house with question marks galore and was impressed with our somber expression which did not give away anything upon arrival.

We tied all of the balloons to the back of the chairs in the dining room and were set to go.

The lighting is terrible, I know.
 When our guests arrived, they immediately wanted to know the good stuff.  So, we pulled up my sister and my dear friend Ashly from Utah on Facetime and went to it.  

"We couldn't make this easy on you all, so pop all the balloons and you'll need to unscramble the letters in order to find out what we are having!" I announced.  And they were off.

Here is the part I WISH I would have gotten pictures of, but with two phones in your hand and loud noises, you just don't think straight.  If you know our families at all though, it was chaotic.  I was impressed, they unscrambled the letters in less than five minutes!

After a great meal and opening a few fun gifts, it was time to let a few close friends and other family members know.  I didn't want to just post something on Facebook, text like a mad person, or call people all night.  So... we let them play in the game as well.  Each friend received this text (until I got too overwhelmed to send it anymore, then I just texted haha):

In the next text you'll find lots of letters,
Find three words and you'll feel much better.
Text the words back and you will see...
What Baby Bosch is going to be!!!!


This is where the night got really entertaining.  We had a few friends think they just needed to make any three words out of the letters and we would reveal the gender.  I got texts with; Sipidan Islands, Spin and Sail, Katniss, Snap, Pan, Lad, Lad and Lass, etc.  Our dear friend Jordan even upon finding out what it said, was flabbergasted because we had said it was three words (apparently "and" isn't a word anymore, he quickly corrected himself).  A few gave up, but most nailed it when given the clue, "Think Nursery Rhyme."  

Have you figured it out yet???

That's right!!  Snips and snails and puppy dog tails... That's what little BOYS are made of!!!

Henry Michael, we are so excited to meet you!  Thanks for the wave and being such a wiggle worm during our ultrasound.  Stay cozy and see you in around 22 weeks!!!


  1. So happy for you guy! Thanks for letting us share in such a special day of your lives :)

  2. Congrats on the baby boy! Such a fun idea!

  3. Congrats Ash. Boys are so much fun. We have that saying on a picture frame with Hudson's hospital pic. My dad and mom would love if we have another boy to name him Henry. So Cute

  4. YAY!! Love the post and loved the game last night!! I was DYING to know and figure out the puzzle! I think we were the slowest solvers haha :) SOO happy and excited for you two!!!

  5. Love the post! And loved playing last night! So fun! Congrats!

  6. So much fun! Everyone had a blast!

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  8. Boy, was my brain hurting last night, but it was worth it! Creative!

  9. I'm glad I had the most guesses listed in your post! Google did ask me if I meant the Sipidan Islands when I googled those letters.

  10. I LOVE this!!!!!!! So excited for sweet henry's arrival :)

  11. that is so cute. I love that idea...might have to steal it for a future party. i'd love to throw one of these for a friend!